Alain Mazy Software Engineering

Alain Mazy Software Engineering

Building your software project from early idea till deployment.

AMSE is a software engineering company.

Since 1997, we have developed a strong expertise especially in industrial applications, machine vision, image analysis, video & sound processing, embedded software and mobile apps.

We take in charge the complete development of your software using the most cost effective technologies.

We are also available for consultancy missions to reinforce your own development team.


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Here is a list of domains where we have built a strong experience.

Industrial applications

  • automatic test benches for electro-mechanical devices
  • robotics control from a PC
  • control of scientific experiments
  • production line connection to ERP

Machine vision & image analysis

  • development of machine vision algorithms
  • integration of machine vision solutions in a production line for traceability and quality control

Video & audio development

  • video/audio editing tools
  • interactive video application
  • video games

Embedded software

  • space qualified embedded software

Mobile apps

  • custom mobile apps


  • design review & advices
  • good practice: testing, continuous integration, ...

Current activities

  • I'm currently fully dedicated to OSIMIS, acting as CTO

  • Therefore I'm currently not available for new projects.

  • Competences

    Our main competence is to take care of every technical aspect of your project so you don't have to worry about it. If you wish to have more details, here is a list of the language and tools we use regularly.

    For a list of area of expertise, check our activities.

    Programming languages

    C++ for writing fast/efficient algorithms.

    C# for writing application with graphical interfaces, interact with DB, WebServices, ...

    C when updating legacy application or developing on specific platforms where this is the only language available.

    PHP for writing web based application on Apache Web server to connect to MySQL databases.

    Java is very similar to C#, we use it when C# is not available, i.e when writing mobile phone application.

    Javascript when writing web applications or cross platform mobile apps.

    Python is used mainly when we have to interact with occasional programmers like scientists or when we need to automate tasks like release scripts.

    ... With the experience we have, it usually takes only a few hours to learn the basics of another language. So, occasionally, we have written code in Objective-C, DSP assembly, ...


    Windows. This is our most used platform because this is usually the target platform requested by the customer. It offers us excellent development tools to achieve great results in a short time.

    Linux. We have developed embedded Linux applications and also cross-platform applications that were tested and deployed on Linux.

    OS X. Upon customer request, we have developed application for OSX mainly for multimedia applications.

    Cross-platform. We have developed many cross-platform application running on the 3 above mentioned OS.

    Android. So far, we have developed 2 native applications for this platforms and one web based application.

    iOS. So far, we have developed 1 web based application for iOS.

    Developer tools

    Visual Studio is clearly our preferred work environment and we have used it everyday for the last 17 years.

    Qt Creator for building cross-platform applications.

    XCode to build OS X only applications.

    NuSphere PhpEd to develop PHP and Web application.

    Eclipse and Android SDK to write Android applications.

    Concerning source control tools, internally, we use Mercurial. But, when integrating into customer work environment, we have used Git, Perforce, SubVersion, CVS and even Visual Source Safe

    Framework and libraries

    .Net Framework to build windows application with graphical user interface, database interaction, web services, ...

    Qt to build cross platform application with graphical user interface (works on Windows, OS X and Linux).

    Quicktime to embed video or audio content in a Windows/OS X application .

    boost is a C++ "foundation' library.

    IPP (Intel Performance Primitive) for high speed image processing (cross platform).

    boostrap/jQuery to build responsive web apps.

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